Adobe software training in Portland, Oregon, by Nancy Wirsig McClure

of Adobe training (in person) by Nancy Wirsig McClure

These comments are from ten different students in several different sessions.

“Nancy laid out the discussions very clearly
and made sure to keep going over important details.”

“Nancy has a great background to draw upon
and projects a wonderful joy about Photoshop.”

“Really fine explanation of complex and obscure concepts.”

“She was not too technical! I like that.”

“Nancy is very knowledgeable in all issues
surrounding the process—not just the software.”

“She’s great—very easy to understand.”

“She knows her material.
When she doesn’t know something, she admits it (good sign!)”

“Clear, concise, informative.”

“Extremely intuitive;
organized, humorous, thoughtful of users’ applications;
kept things moving.”

From a student who’d taken several other Photoshop classes:

“Excellent class and instructor—finally!”

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